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Software Name Upload Date Working %
Tmpgenc video mastering works 5 13-10-2019 81.77%
Tmpgenc videos mastering works 28-08-2019 77.87%
Tmpge 09-08-2019 79.74%
Tmpgenc authoring works 6 23-03-2019 81.34%
TMPGEnc 17-01-2019 84.52%
Pegasys tmpgenc video mastering works 6 09-01-2019 83.35%
Tmpgenc video mastering works 6 09-01-2019 79.86%
TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works (Repacked) ChingLiu 04-01-2018 84.05%
TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC v1.0.5.5 CE RePack by Team VR 04-01-2018 76.71%
TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 13-12-2016 87.59%
TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works v5.0.5.32 Retail 13-12-2016 88.11%
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